Yup, we switched things up again! Check out why. 

Some people may not like a new look but the fact of the matter is you need to keep things fresh and up-to-date with the times. Here are our improvements:

  • HTML5. The new website here is fully compliant with HTML5 and is a responsive design, meaning it will work flawlessly on virtually any mobile device, tablet, PC or Apple, etc. That’s huge since most of our traffic is via mobile devices.
  • Community. Another big improvement is the TTTARMY Community where you’ll be able to sign up, create your own groups, chat with other members… just like a Facebook group.
  • Newsletters.  You can sign up for our mailer in the upper right corner of the screen by clicking on the little email icon.  We’ll only shoot out emails when we do a special Sat night broadcast or something along those lines, that way you don’t have to find out after the fact on twitter! We won’t spam you!
  • Ratings.  On some posts we’ll implement a 5 star rating so the readers have a voice whether they like the music or not. Don’t worry you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • Retina.  The new website is compliant with all retina devices so if you own a retina macbook, ipad or iphone it will recognize high resolution images and present them to you the way they’re supposed to look.
  • Strictly Beats. A brand new streaming music channel featuring instrumentals, breaks and simply music with lyrics. MC’s do your thing.
  • Commenting.  Integrated site commenting and facebook commenting enabled (at our discretion).
  • Advanced Caching.  Faster response time & quicker loading of images and music files so you’re not sitting there waiting for the page to load.
  • Breaking News Bar.  Yup, kinda like CNN type shit. If something important happens, you’ll see the ticker going at the top of the page.

… and we’re still working on things and tuning the site so it’s more responsive and faster. We’re still sticking to a simple design and try not to clutter your screen with everything all at once.  Keep in mind we are a streaming internet radio station 1st!  After that, the blog posts, new music, etc… all that is second hand.  We’re not trying to be one of those watered down blog site’s posting whatever crap they’re getting paid to put on the site.  We are ad free!

Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for your patience!


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