From NY now residing in the notorious DMV, DJ yZ is your typical arrogant 90s backpack DJ. 2 1200’s and a mixer, since 1991. DJ yZ has been in the Golden Age beats institution since it’s inception and continues to flex that on the radio. Graduating with a BA in Music Industry, working in the […]

DJ since 1988, producer, musician, and music lover. Mostly known as a funky breaks and boom-bap hip-hop producer. 100% vinyl purist. All mixes are done with the actual records live. No digital editing.

Antony aka B-EQ is a DJ/Producer based in the UK and runs his own digital media production unit Helmedia Inc working with local talent and creating his own unique urban mixes. So with the aid of this globe platform he’s taking the opportunity to share his productions with a global audience.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya deep in the Eastern corners of Africa with a vast knowledge of different genres of music. Ladies and gentlemen we introduce to you, the one and only Faddablack.

The mayor of TTTRADiO now has his own Saturday show. What!

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