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Stokyo – MCC SL1200MKS Turntable

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Here’s something very fresh, courtesy from you vinyl resellers Stokyo.

It seems as we are not alone when we’re sad about the demise of the Technics SL1200 turntable series from Panasonic.  For whatever reasons (blame it on the Wack DJs), these classic turntables have been abused and left for dead.  So your peoples over at Stokyo decided to do something about that.

For a limited time you can pre-order their new Technics MMC SL1200MKS turntable but what is this turntable about?  Well, you’re basically buying a refurbished MK3D (JAP Ed.) turntable where it’s been through a thorough inspection as well as having parts replaced (if need be) with brand new manufactured items (ie, tonearms, sliders, etc).  Stokyo & whomever they teamed up with then does some mods which include powder coating the tonearm, pop up light mods, painting the shell and some other stuff (list of full features below).  They also bury the ground wire internally and add on some high durability RCAs.

If you’re looking for a new set of 1200s you can still cop on eBay or at retailers around or you can get your hands on a pair of these.  Which one would you do?  Keep in mind these guys are selling for a whopping $999.99!  Whooo, how many Ean Golden midi button machines can you buy with that!


  • BUILT from MINT to Top Grade USED SL-1200 MK3D-5 turntables from Panasonic, JAPAN
  • The MCC SL-1200 MKS come from hand selected Japanese edition SL-1200 MK3D-5, used units, picked out from our engineers in Japan. They are then put to a 100 point plus inspection process with our lead engineer Mr. Osada.
  • In extreme detail, areas like the tone arm, tone arm assembly, wiring, platter, motor, balance, pitch, rotation etc. are all examined by our team of engineers and further tested on the oscilloscope, balance instruments and mechanical rotation counter.
  • Every part that does not pass inspection are replaced with Original Technics parts sourced from Panasonic (parent company of Technics). As an official refurbishing center for MCC, the SL-1200MKS will only use original Technics parts for any parts replacements that may be necessary.
  • Once the turntable passes the inspection and calibrated to factory spec, we then transform the turntable with a new look and finish. This edition gets a unique and magnificent color created from professional powder-coating techniques that were used for the original Technics paint. The finish is smooth yet solid, similar to the original Technics 1200 finish.
  • The cabinet and gyro base are powder coated in Glossy Alpine White
  • The s arm and counter weight are powder coated in Glossy Black.
  • We then finish this model with Black Anodized Custom Billet Aluminum parts only available on the MCC series.
  • Text is also laser engraved for superior durability and longevity.
  • The parts include
  • – Start Stop Button
  • – On Off Knob
  • – 33/45 RPM Speed Buttons
  • – Target (Pop up) Light and button
  • – Pitch Knob
  • All lights are changed to Eco Brilliant White LEDs
  • – Target (Pop-up)
  • – On Off Knob
  • – Pitch Reset
  • – Speed Buttons
  • Finally, the deck is fitted with
  • Oyaide d+NEO Class-B RCA Audio cables, making it sound bigger and clearer than any turntable ever constructed.
  • The ground wires will be internally wired too.

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