At TTTRADiO.NET, we (the DJs) pride ourselves on bringing you (the listener & hip hop junkie) non-commercial, under-rated & under-played Hip-Hop music radio. This website is founded by DJs & is very much a pure Hip-Hop\Urban Internet Radio Station meaning no watered down music you find other blog sites. We never over saturate the listener with program director\brainwashing tactics & simply play what we like & enjoy re-introducing the Golden Age of Hip-Hop to fans who miss that sound.

Most of us at TTTRADiO.NET have been DJs since the early 90s so you’ll hear that reflected in our live shows. We all have a love for vinyl, turntables, and common DJ fundamentals. We operate this website for fun and for VERY little profit, so keep that in mind when going through our blog as we don’t get paid to post stuff… like “other” sites. Please feel free to click that DONATE button, it’s what keeps us alive!

Although we may tend to lean toward our roots in hip-hop music (early-1990′s), we also will throw in those underground gems and new artist music you will never hear on your local radio station. If you want that commercial radio crap… then please turn us off, this station is not for you. If you want to hear live mixing, scratching, some beat juggling, and the things DJs are supposed to be known for, then you’ve come to the right place. All our shows are podcasted and free of charge, we never charge a dime for anything.

We also serve up 100% legit/legal music downloads and reviews on a weekly basis. Our music is NEVER bootlegged and is only posted to the public if the artist, label, or marketing agency sent it to us for promotional use. Please support your favorite artist’s and go cop those records!

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